Please note that from July 2002, the usual schedule of members’ meeting is changed to the second Tuesday of each month.
The Society will gradually resume the monthly members’ meetings and other outdoor / indoor activities. Since the government restrictions are not fully relaxed and the threat of future new virus variants is not eliminated, we will monitor the latest arrangements and inform members if the situation changes.
Please note that participants must abide by the rules set by the government and the activity venue, and are advised to use “Leave Home Safe” app, and download the COVID vaccination record for checking.

July Members’ Monthly Meeting
12th July 2022 7:00pm (Tuesday)

-Reading China’s Rock Formations, discovering with enthusiasts
Speaker: Dr. Kingston Tseng
Language: English/Cantonese
Dr. Kingston Tseng is a retired doctor and a geology enthusiast. He visited a lot of geological scenic places in China and was fascinated by their history of formation, thus he learned the corresponding knowledge and combined his information into a book. In this talk, Kingston will share his geological information about China, including the history of geological surveying, the main geological features, and some famous geological scenery in China.