Information for Visitors


13th Hong Kong Mineral Fair

The Wonderful World of Minerals

Friday and Saturday 19-20 April 2019

The fair will be held in the auditorium of the BGCA, 3 Lockhart Road, conveniently situated in the heart of Wanchai, with easy access by MTR and other public transport, as well as having nearby bars and restaurants.  There will be minerals, fossils, books and equipment for sale, and some beautiful minerals just to look at, with activities for all the family.

When: Friday and Saturday 19-20 April 2019, 10 am to 7 pm

Where: The Auditorium, 1/F the BGCA Building, 3 Lockhart Road, Wanchai

Transport: There is no public parking at the venue, but it is well served by public transport. Take the MTR to Wanchai station, exit C, and follow the signs to the Mineral Fair (about 5 minutes’ walk)

What is the attraction of minerals? For some it is the wonderful symmetry of naturally occurring crystals, their colour and beauty, for some it is contemplating how minerals form, such as the extreme conditions of huge values of temperature and pressure existing where diamonds are born, deep in the mantle of the earth.

Fossil collectors are intrigued by the strange creatures that existed in geological time, leaving their imprints in the rocks for us to marvel at. The stories that these fossils tell of how our earth developed and how different it was aeons ago make strange reading indeed.

Start with picking up a few attractive looking stones, and you will soon be drawn into the fascinating world of the collector.