10 October 2019


Due to the current uncertain situation, we have cancelled the October member’s meeting.We apologise for any inconvenience. 

Regular Members’ Monthly Meeting
10 October 2019 (Thursday)

Mineral Collecting
Speaker: Sam Yung
Language: Cantonese

Sam is one of the most experienced and active mineral collector in Hong Kong. With many years of hard work, he has grown a large collection of top quality specimens. In this talk, Sam will speak about collecting minerals drawing upon his experiences.He will share how to effectively collect and organize a collection. Also he will briefly introduce the current trends in mineral collecting from two points of view: size and price. He will use several examples to illustrate how to select and appreciate a specimen. This is a valuable chance to learn about our mineral hobby from a professional collector so don’t miss this talk!
The talk will be in Cantonese.

12 September 2019

Regular Members’ Monthly Meeting
12 September 2019 (Thursday)

North England Trip Report
Speaker: David Clayton and Trudy Kwong
Language: English

We will be given pictorial and geological reports covering the trip arranged and led by David that was undertaken by our members in June, who will also present specimens which they collected. Come along and learn about the group’s experiences and discoveries.

8 August 2019

Regular Members’ Monthly Meeting
8 August 2019 (Thursday)

Speaker:Dr. Vincent Wong

Meteorite are the remains of a meteor – space rocks that entered and burned in the Earth’s atmosphere. They are the key building blocks of the planets in the solar system. Meteorites carry valuable information about the formation of the solar system. Some of them are nice collectable items.

11 July 2019

Regular Members’ Monthly Meeting
11 July 2019 (Thursday)

Fossil Collecting in the UK
Speaker: Ka-shing Cheung (KS)
Language: English

Last summer, KS, one of our longest standing members, had a vacation with his family in the UK. During the two-week trip, they visited four fossil sites among other tourist attractions and travelled across a geological history spanning some 400 million years.
In the upcoming gathering, KS will share with you more about their preparation for the trip, the visits and their finds.
KS will also try to help you identify any unknown fossils in your collection, so be sure to bring them along.
The talk will be in English.

13 June 2019

Regular Members’ Monthly Meeting
13 June 2019 (Thursday)

Understanding the Largest Group of Minerals on Earth: The Silicates
Speaker:Derek Leung

Silicates form the most diverse group of minerals on the Earth, owing to both the abundance of silicon and oxygen in the crust but equally importantly due to the polymerisation of silicates.
This talk will highlight two silicate groups, the chain silicates (inosilicates) and the sheet silicates (phyllosilicates). It will also explore the fundamental building blocks of silicates and their relation to crystallography.
Finally, we will see examples of transitional crystal structures from Derek’s current research on palygorskite group minerals.

9 May 2019

Regular Members’ Monthly Meeting
9 May 2019 (Thursday)

The Evolution of Minerals
Speaker: Dr. Petra Bach
Language : English

Petra is the curator of the Stephen Hui Geological
Museum at Hong Kong University. A trained geologist
and university lecturer, Petra is sure to provide us with an interesting talk relating to the origins of the minerals we collect and study.