14 February 2019

February Members’ Monthly Meeting
14 February 2019 (Thursday)

A Visit to the Azores Islands
Speaker: Professor Vincent Wong Wai Shing
Language: English

Professor Wong, a regular speaker at our meetings, travels widely and frequently to unusual and beautiful parts of our world. Come along and hear about this autonomous region of Portugal, an archipelago in the mid-Atlantic, a group of relatively young volcanic islands with an interesting history of development.



10 January 2019

January Members’ Monthly Meeting
10 January 2019 (Thursday)

The Classification and Grading of Opal
SpeakerMr. Eddy Wong
Language: Cantonese

Eddy Wongfather habeen involved in the Australian opal tradsince 1979, from buying raw material up to lapidary. Now Eddy has taken charge of the opal polishing and jewellery manufacturing factory and he will share his know ledge and experience with us. He will talk about different opal producing localities around the world, the differences between the localities and the opal grading technique. We hope you will learn more about this extraordinary mineraloid.

13 December 2018

December Members’ Monthly Meeting
13 December 2018 (Thursday)

External & Internal World of Crystal Twinning
Speaker : Dr. Edward Liu Shang I
Language : English/Cantonese

Edward shall be speaking about the fascinating subject of the
feature when two separate crystals share some of the same lattice points in a symmetrical manner resulting in an intergrowth of the two crystals in a variety of specific configurations referred to as ‘twins’.Edward’s talks are always interesting and well attended. He is a highly qualified mineralogist, gemmologist, educator and author of numerous papers related to his field of interest and has been a long serving member of the committee. Be sure to mark the date in your planner.

8 November 2018

November Members’ Monthly Meeting
8 November 2018 (Thursday)

Mineral Collecting in Cornwall
Speaker : Mr. Jolyon Ralph
Language : English

Jolyon needs very little introduction to our members. As the founder of the fabulous source of information relating to minerals, Mindat.org, Jolyon travels the world extensively adding to his experiences and knowledge. We have been lucky to have him a keen supporter and occasional member of the society since our inception. Jolyon has delivered numerous presentations to our members and guests and he has always done so willingly and happily every visit to Hong Kong that has coincided with our monthly meeting. Come along to learn about collecting in Cornwall where Jolyon recently led a field trip under the Mindat banner.

11 October 2018

October Members’ Monthly Meeting
1October 2018 (Thursday)

An introduction to Sensitive and Unstable minerals
Speaker:Mr. S.K. Lai
Language:English & CantoneseRocks and minerals looks robust and eternal, but in fact most of them will react with the enviroment and be altered or damaged.  Some specimens may need special attention.  In this talk, S.K. will inform you what minerals are sensitive or unstable in the natural environment, and what methods you can use to preserve the specimens.





13 September 2018

September Members’Monthly Meeting
13 September 2018 (Thursday)

Investigating Taiwan Nephrite
Speaker:Mr. Chan Chi Keung
Language:Cantonese with some English

Mr. Chan will deliver a talke about Taiwan Nephrite. He recently reached Taiwan Hualien city to visit the nephrite mine and collect specimens in there. He will share his research results and show us the nephrite specimens he acquired from the site. Also he will bring nephrite samples from Pakistan and Russia and you can compare them with the Taiwan counterpart. Please don’t miss this good opportunity to learn more about this gemstone material.