Mineralogy Society’s Facebook Page and Group

Our society has opened a facebook page for event announcements, and we will soon open a facebook group for members and friends to join in and share information and photos, or just to chat among members and ask questions.

Please bookmark our Facebook page :  www.facebook.com/minsochk and join in.

Submitting articles and photos for the newsletter

If you have any information, articles or photos that you would like to share with our members, please feel free to submit them to our society newsletter.  Any materials related to minerals are welcome.  You can send them to our editor SK Lai or other committee members.  The submitted information will be published in the newsletter from time to time after suitable editing.

Also if you have any mineralogy-related questions, you can submit them to our editor or general society email info@minsochk.org, and we will try to answer.  For educational purposes, some of the questions may be published in the newsletter.

Membership Renewal

We have had a good year, with many interesting talks, activities and field trips locally and overseas.  We value your participation, and look forward to an even better programme in 2022.  Memberships are due for renewal before 1st January, 2022.

Membership Renewal Form

The Mineralogy Society of Hong Kong Health & Safety Policy

The Mineralogy Society of Hong Kong acknowledges that exploration of old mine sites (both surface & underground) expose participants to potential and unforeseeable hazards where it is not possible to reduce all risks to zero. It is the policy of the Society to conduct its activities in a manner that does not put at risk the health and safety of its members, their guests and the general public.

The Society is committed to considering health and safety in planning field visits. This shall include the identification of hazards, implementing practical measures to eliminate or reduce risks and effective communication to participants.

Safety is the minimization of and management of risk in the context of the prevention of accidental exposure.  Simply, it is the act of concern and thoughtfulness for others.

All members of the Society have a responsibility to themselves, one another and members of the public to behave in a health and safety conscious manner.