***CANCELLED***we have cancelled the November member’s meeting.We apologise for any inconvenience. 

12 November 2020 (Thursday)

Natural Radioactivity in Minerals
Speaker:Mr. Wong Ming Chung
Language:English & Cantonese

Providing that COVID restrictions are lifted or government permissions granted, our Members’ Meeting on Thursday 8 October will be held at Power A Space, 4/F, Tung Hip Commercial Building, 244-248 Des Voeux Road Central, Central.

We live in a radioactive world. All rocks and minerals contain varying amounts of natural radioactive elements (the primordial isotopes) that have been with us since before Earth was formed 4.5 billion years ago. These primordial isotopes include elements such as uranium, thorium and radium as well as radioactive potassium. The nuclei of these radioactive atoms have too much energy and need to get rid of some of the excess energy. The radioactive atom would change into a different radioactive or stable atom by emitting energy (radiation) in the form of particles such as alpha or beta particles or electromagnetic waves like gamma or X-rays. The radiation emitted in the process has very high energy and is able to knock electrons off (ionize) other atoms in its path. When the human body is exposed to ionizing radiation, the living cells will be damaged causing harm to our health. This led to the concern of some collectors over the health risk posed by natural radioactivity in a mineral collection.
In the talk, M.C. will discuss the nature of ionizing radiation and its health effects as well as the precautionary measures to take while enjoying our mineral collections.
This talk will be presented in Cantonese and English. Please keep the date in your diary and come along to the meeting.