The Society was formed in December 2004 to provide a forum where those who are interested in the subject can meet.

We are an international group established in this international city, and our objectives are to provide access to activities, information, publications, equipment and specimens of special interest to mineralogists and collectors. We like just meeting together socially too. We use both English and Chinese as languages of communication, and much of our material is bilingual.

Our monthly newsletter features reviews of publications and software, special offers of specimens and equipment, and details of coming events, as well as articles about minerals. Members are very welcome to contribute, and to share information with each other through this means.

Who we are

 Chairman:Leo Tang Shing Tung

Deputy Chairman:Lai Siu Kwong

 Secretary : Daniel Cheung Pak Fun

Treasurer : Laurie Lai Kwok Keung

 Membership Secretary : Michael Sung Siu Wai

Consultant :Anthea Strickland

 Webmaster:Sam Yung Leung Yuen, Ryan Lam

Mineral Fair Manager : Sam Yung Leung Yuen, Leo Tang Shing Tung

Newsletter Editor: Lai Siu Kwong

 Deputy Newsletter Editor:Tommy Fong

International Trips & Activities Organizer:David Clayton

Local Activities:Ryan Lam

Committee Members:Chan Chi Keung

Founder President : Anthea Strickland, Sam Yung Leung Yuen

Honorary Advisor : Edward Liu Shang I