Mineral Shows

Hong Kong Mineral Fair – 13 to 14 Nov, 2021

Gem, mineral and fossil shows all over the world

Mineral Databases

Fluorescent Minerals
Handbook of Mineralogy
Mineral Atlas
Mineral Gallery
Web Mineral
Mineral Genesis


American Mineralogist
Australian Journal of Mineralogy
The Canadian Mineralogist
The Mineralogical Record
Rocks & Minerals
UK Journal of Mines & Minerals


Australia, New South Wales, Emmaville Mining Museum
Canada, Toronto, Royal Ontario Museum
China, Beijing, The Geological Museum of China
Denmark, Copenhagen, Natural History Museum of Denmark
Germany, Freiburg, Terra Mineralia
China, Hong Kong, Stephen Hui Geological Museum
Italy, Florence, Museo di Storia Naturale
Kazakhstan, Almaty, Museum of Geology of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Russia, Moscow, Gems Museum Ministry of Natural Resources
Russia, Moscow, Vernadsky State Geological Museum 
Russia, Moscow, The Fersman Mineralogical Museum
South Africa, Johannesburg, Johannesburg Geological Museum
South Africa, Pretoria, The Geoscience Museum
Switzerland, Aathel
Switzerland, Basel Museum of Natural History
Switzerland, Einseideln, Mineralien Museum
Switzerland, Uri, Crystal Museum
USA, Arizona, Matilda and Karl Pfeiffer Foundation Museum
USA, California, Gemological Institute of America Museum
USA, California, The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
USA, Colorado, The Colorado School of Mines Geology Museum
USA, Georgia, Tellus Science Museum
USA, Maine, Maine Mineral and Gem Museum
USA, Massachusetts, Mineralogical & Geological Museum, Harvard University
USA, Michigan, The A E Seaman Mineral Museum
USA, New Mexico, Mineral Museum, New Mexico Bureau of Geology & Mineral Resources
USA, North Carolina, North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences
USA, Oregon, Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks and Minerals
USA, Pennsylvania, Carnegie Museum of Natural History
USA, Texas, Houston Museum of Natural Science

Other Useful Information

Chemical Elements
Crystal Structure Database
IMA Mineral List
IMA Mineral Names
Ionic Radii
Space Groups
Type Mineral Specimens
China View Stone
Nicole All About Rocks and Rock Collecting