13 September 2018

September Members’Monthly Meeting
13 September 2018 (Thursday)

Investigating Taiwan Nephrite
Speaker:Mr. Chan Chi Keung
Language:Cantonese with some English

Mr. Chan will deliver a talke about Taiwan Nephrite. He recently reached Taiwan Hualien city to visit the nephrite mine and collect specimens in there. He will share his research results and show us the nephrite specimens he acquired from the site. Also he will bring nephrite samples from Pakistan and Russia and you can compare them with the Taiwan counterpart. Please don’t miss this good opportunity to learn more about this gemstone material.



9 August 2018

August Members’Monthly Meeting
9 August 2018 (Thursday)

Speaker:Prof. Vincent Wong
Language:English with some Cantonese

Vincent, an anthropologist and logistics professional, will deliver an account of his recent visit to Ethiopia. These presentations by Vincent are always entertaining and full of detail so be sure to mark down the date in your diary.



12 July 2018

July Members’Monthly Meeting
12 July 2018 (Thursday)

The Valuation Factors of Beautiful Gemstones
Speaker : Dr. Dominic Mok
Language : English / Cantonese

Dr. Mok, who is the founder and principal of the Asian Gemmological Institute & Laboratory Limited (AGIL), holds a Master’s Degree in Geology and a Fellowship of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain. Well known to many of our members, Dominic will speak about the attributes of a mineral that result in it being labelled a gem.



16 June 2018

16 June 2018 (Saturday)
3:00 PM TO 5:00 PM

Michael Tracy will conduct a hands-on workshop for members, helping them to take improved photographs of their minerals using any form of camera including smart phones and using lights and reflectors found in the home.





10 May 2018

10 MAY 2018 (THURSDAY)

Interesting mineralogy in facade stones of HK
Speaker  : Professor Chan Lung-sang
Language : English

Professor Chan has conducted a study of various rocks used for façade and exterior cladding in buildings in Hong Kong. His talk will introduce interesting minerals in several façade stones we can find around our city.




14 June 2018

June Members’ Monthly Meeting
14 June 2018 (Thursday)

Quartz – The World’s Timekeeper
Speaker : Anthea Strickland
Language : English

Powerpoint in English

The almost universal use of quartz in today’s watches and clocks depends on the mineral’s special symmetry and one special property. This talk looks at the timekeeper in terms of its crystal structure, and how it compares with other types of clock.