11 April 2019

Regular Members’ Monthly Meeting
11 April 2019 (Monday)

Gemstone Faceting Techniques in Hong Kong over the Past 40 Years
Speaker: Mr KM Cheung Kam Ming
Language: Cantonese

This interesting talk shall be conducted in Cantonese. It is the essence of KM’s lifetime experience in the gemstone industry.





8 April 2019

Extra Members’ Meeting
8 April 2019 (MONDAY)

Namibia: In search of desert landscapes, animals, birds and minerals
Speaker:Ian Strachan

Members may remember Ian’s superb talk on Broken Hill last year. He returns to Hong Kong in April and will give us a talk following his travels to Namibia last year. Ian, who assists with curating the mineral collection of Museums Victoria in Melbourne, Australia, is extremely knowledgeable and a great speaker.



14 March 2019

March Members’ Monthly Meeting
14 March 2019 (Thursday)

From Plate Tectonics to Gemstone Formation
Speaker: Ms Trudy Kwong
Language: English

Plate tectonics is a theory that explains the structure of the Earth’s lithosphere and its associated geological phenomena. The relative plate motions create earthquakes, volcanic activities, and mountain belts along the plate boundaries. They are also directly related to the formation of gemstone deposits all over the world.

This talk will discuss the geological origin of common gemstones (jadeite, ruby, sapphire, and diamond), their tectonic settings, distribution, and geological significance.

22 February 2019

Annual General Meeting & Auction Dinner
22 February 2019 (Friday)

Our AGM and dinner will take place at the Kiangsu, Chekiang and Shanghai Residents’ Association in Central. In addition to the brief AGM agenda and election of the 2019 committee, Daniel Cheung and Leo Tang are planning a splendid dinner and exciting auction. More detail will be available through a MailChimp but as seats are limited to 30 persons do be sure to register for the dinner as soon as possible.




14 February 2019

February Members’ Monthly Meeting
14 February 2019 (Thursday)

A Visit to the Azores Islands
Speaker: Professor Vincent Wong Wai Shing
Language: English

Professor Wong, a regular speaker at our meetings, travels widely and frequently to unusual and beautiful parts of our world. Come along and hear about this autonomous region of Portugal, an archipelago in the mid-Atlantic, a group of relatively young volcanic islands with an interesting history of development.



10 January 2019

January Members’ Monthly Meeting
10 January 2019 (Thursday)

The Classification and Grading of Opal
SpeakerMr. Eddy Wong
Language: Cantonese

Eddy Wongfather habeen involved in the Australian opal tradsince 1979, from buying raw material up to lapidary. Now Eddy has taken charge of the opal polishing and jewellery manufacturing factory and he will share his know ledge and experience with us. He will talk about different opal producing localities around the world, the differences between the localities and the opal grading technique. We hope you will learn more about this extraordinary mineraloid.